Twitter – Pros and Cons

Almost over ninety percent of small businesses have created a Facebook presence. however, with social networking at the top of the list of priorities for most business, many are still reluctant to take the leap of faith and create themselves a Twitter profile. Those that already have a profile on Twitter seem hesitant to use the micro blogging platform to market their business. You can’t blame them though because Twitter is different. You get a mix of users throwing around @’s #’s and weird acronyms no wonder it seems foreign compared to the ease of using Facebook. What you need to consider is Twitter has over 280 million users and this is attractive for any business and a reason why a business should consider using the platform to connect with users. Twitter offers advantages and disadvantages and once you understand these differences you will then have know whether Tweeting is for you.

Pros of Twitter

  • The micro blogging Twitter platform is massive. What this means is that even if your business is small and aimed at a specific niche you can still use Twitter to find that niche audience.
  • All of your followers will receive every tweet you post.  On Facebook only some of your fans will see your post because of the EdgeRank algorithm used by Facebook.
  • A tweet is easily creatable. A simple tweet will take less than a minute to send but it can be very effective. During the recent Super Bowl power outage, Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet generated over 15,000 retweets.
  • A tweet lets you get to the point without beating around the bush. With a character limit of only 140 you have to be pretty specific with your message.  You still need to be polite but you can be more direct.

Cons of Twitter

  • The Twitter platform is busy. Every day users of Twitter generate over 340 million tweets per day. Most users will follow hundreds of profiles. Twitter does not have an Edgerank type algorithm so even if you only tweet once or twice a day your tweets will soon get buried in your followers’ feeds.
  • The platform is not an ideal choice for visual content as it is mostly text based. If you share a lot of photos then Pinterest or Instagram are more appropriate platforms.
  • Twitter can be challenging if you have difficulty expressing your message. The 140 character limit means you have to be specific. If you have trouble then Twitter will be challenging.
  • Not everyone who tweets can advertise. Prior approval is required form Twitter if you want to promote your tweets.
For your small business to get noticed on Twitter it is important that you tweet often throughout the day.  More often than not many businesses find it difficult to find the time to sit and post content on their social media platforms. Many local businesses source the help of local social media consultant London and Essex based who offer social media marketing services. A social media consultant will manage all your social networking profiles and help you get noticed to your audience by engaging with your target market.
Whether you do decide to use Twitter or not, it is well worth considering as part of your overall social media marketing strategy. We hope you found this blog useful, please do leave a comment if you did and tell us how you use Twitter and how it works for you. Also tell us if you don’t use Twitter and the reasons for not using the platform.
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