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  • Social Media Quotes

    Social Media Quotes

    The world of social media is full of quotes, some good some bad. I thought I would share a few of my favourite visual ones on this post. Please feel free to comment on the quotes I add. These quotes ring true in the world of social media. Any social media marketing services consultant will […]

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  • Social Media Marketing Services and SEO

    What is Social Media? In a nutshell, social media encompasess all forms of online communities from blogs thorugh to social netowrks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest all of which contribute to a company’s brand. Social media can be new territory for some companies so it is always handy to have a well educated […]

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  • 5 great Twitter tools

    5 great Twitter tools

    The wildly popular, supersimple microblogging service is remarkably rich, thanks to an array of third-party applications and services that make it more convenient, more powerful, and more enjoyable. Every day new Twitter tools are appearing – tools for generating followers, tools fro scheduling posts and tools for unfollowing silent Tweeple. Here are five great Twitter […]

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What I Do

‘Let me manage your social business while you take care of running your business’!

Don’t have a social media marketing strategy? Then let me implement one for you. I listen to you, my clients to find out exactly what you want from your campaign – and then get you there. I have the skill built on experience to help your business successfully gain online presence through the use of social media platforms. Want to know about me then check my about page

As a successful social media marketing consultant Essex and London based, I apply knowledge of online consumer behaviour to assist you in utilising social media networks to ensure you get the most out of them. This is managed through social media campaigns and social media marketing services.

A social media strategy is created which covers what you need to do to make your presence known through conversation using a variety of methods such as videos, blogs, websites, apps, social media platforms, social bookmarking and forums and almost every other possible social networking channels which are relevant to your business or brand.  Utilising the above methods will help boost your online presence and drive traffic to your website turning visitors into customers.

I also specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) to help your website get found and ranked in the search engines. If you require article marketing and content for SEO purposes then I am an expert in writing high quality content for businesses looking to increase traffic to their websites.

Noobie or established?

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting out with your online presence and are looking to build a social presence or if you already have an online presence and want to monitor the conversations about your brand, I can help you understand, engage with and most importantly help you profit from social media. If you look at social media as being an optional extra to your marketing strategy then think again, consider the following:

  • Over 850 million worldwide Facebook users,
  • More than 10 billion tweets have been sent
  • Over 2 billion YouTube videos have been streamed
  • More than 130 million blogs have been written

The stats tell you that social media involves a very big audience which is powerful and influential – you market to influence people to buy into your brand.

Social media management takes careful planning and don’t be fooled into thinking it is all plain sailing. In fact if not properly managed it can be just as damaging to your brand as it can be beneficial. I can help you define a clear strategy – which channels you should use, how to target your audience and engage with them and which conversations should be joined.

Creative content will be created for you which will ensure and allow you to build a strong relationship with your customers as well as improve the customer satisfaction. All content is carefully monitored and measured using appropriate tools. Relevant reports will be provided which will give you clear indication as to how you are engagin online.

If you want effective social media then you need a water tight social media strategy. Without this your marketing strategy will suffer. Let me take away the stress of managing your social channels by giving you a consistent digital presence through social media marketing.


What I do….

  • Daily updates to your social networks
  • Daily engagement with your target audience
  • Conversation generation and monitoring
  • Blog / Article creation and syndication
  • Viral marketing through Video
  • Social Bookmarking & Sharing
  • SEO Consultancy

This helps…..

  • Increase popularity and brand mention on-line
  • Increase Fans, Followers, Subscribers
  • Increase traffic to your company website
  • Increase key message to your target audience
  • Using YouTube to promote your message
  • Targeting your audience in their own environment
  • Increase your SERPs from social media